Every Teacher's Lesson Plan Builder
A software solution for teachers at all levels in all areas, for Windows computers.

  Finally! Lesson Planning made simple!
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Copyright 2009, Kenneth ZolloEvery Teacher's Lesson Plan Builder is a labor-saving utility that helps to automate the process of developing lesson plans--- the names and phrases that make up the framework of a lesson plan are prepared in advance and simply inserted by mouse clicks into a Lesson Plan Document in the appropriate places to await the typing of the specifics for that particular lesson.

You, the teacher, set up the categories and passages once, when you first run the program, and efficiently generate Lesson Plan Documents from that point forward. The Lesson Plan Builder doesn't do the planning; it merely eases the repetitive aspects of putting together the written plan itself. Think of it as a document template that changes and grows whenever you choose. Just select the items from your personalized lists on the screen and then add the details.

Every Teacher's
Lesson Plan Builder

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Every Teacher's Lesson Plan Builder
  • saves you valuable time as a writer, designer, and maker of Lesson Plans.
  • eliminates the repetitive tasks in writing plans, freeing you to concentrate on how best to use effective and creative techniques with your students.
  • can print lesson plans directly from the program or store them on a drive or network in formats compatible with all major word processing programs.
  • is the one program that you can rely on week in and week out, for years to come.

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Original Windows software by
Kenneth Zollo,
Computer Science teacher.

The settings are highly configurable, so the plan elements can be customized to suit your needs. Changes can be made while a plan is under construction and the new settings will be incorporated. The Lesson Plan Builder can prepare both Unit Plans and Weekly Plans (the program automatically advances day by day through the week) on the fly.

Help is readily available by using the Help button at the upper right of most of the screens or by pressing the F1 key at any time.

A wizard has also been provided for including national, state, or local educational standards, in the event that your school requires them to be referenced in your plans. The Lesson Plan Builder offers several options for entering lists of standards so that it may not be necessary to type by hand the entire set of standards from which your choices will be made when writing your plans.

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